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What's the 'story' at MyPACK, this Friday?

As always, we look forward to our Friday social, what a social it was! Folks started streaming in around 6 pm. Some doodled, some chatted, till everyone showed up. Once we all settled in, we started with an ice breaker about what we like. We then proceeded to play a story cards game. We split into 3 teams. Each deck had a different theme; space, princesses and wild safari. It was very engaging and we came up with some great stories, just based on a chronology of pictures.Snack break is always a great way for us to connect with each other, whilst enjoying some yummy stuff! As we head into the season of love, our heartistry project with our darling Ms.J, was creating beautiful Valentine's Day cards for our loved ones. We ended this session with our gratitude practice and some singing.

On Sunday, 1/21, we had to cancel our park and play due to the rains. Stay tuned for next week! It promises to be a fun-filled one!

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