Our Vision 

To create an “Awakening” of the “Pure Soul” that is basic to us as “Human Beings” building a non-judgemental world that is accepting of all, welcoming of diversity, ensuring everyone has the freedom and authority with the adequate support to lead a life of dignity.

Our Mission 
  • Creating Real World experiences for the Neurodiverse community to acclimatize to the Neurotypical Community​.

  • Preparing the Resources and Allies in the Neurotypical community to support these experiences by “Acculturating” to the Neurodiverse Community​.

PRAGNYA is a Sanskrit term that means  “Awareness/ An Awakening” and it was born to help find solutions/ answers  to the maze, the puzzle that is Autism. The Autism spectrum disorder is just one of the several developmental differences that many children are born with, in this day and age, that leave them at a disadvantage in coping in a neurotypical world that is not completely equipped to support them to lead successful, fulfilling lives.  With this in mind, PRAGNYA creates programs to successfully support and integrate individuals with these developmental differences in the mainstream neurotypical community through regular weekly “Experiential Programs”.

The awareness of that responsibility and the enlightenment that comes with the empathy for uniquely-abled individuals - and every single one of the children on ASD is unique, is what PRAGNYA represents. So, in simple terms, #PRAGNYA equates to #WOKE / #Awareness!

Pragnya's two-fold Approach...


The PRAGNYA Community Integration Initiative provides participants with weekend programs that include community activities and integrated volunteer experiences that develop a sense of belonging for the Neurodiverse individuals, while also providing them the  Neurotypical peer circles of support to aid in this process. Based on the individual and family-centric approach, the programs utilize a variety of trained Ally (peer) support, group activities, educational workshops, and community based activities.

The PRAGNYA “Ally”ship training program trains Neurotypical children and adults alike to become the much-needed “circles of support” for the neurodiverse individuals to help them feel accepted, maintain stability, and balance in their lives as part of the community.  PRAGNYA Allies help the Neurodiverse individuals in developing the support and confidence needed to engage as valued individuals in the community.