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California’s Self-Determination Program is a Opt-in program for regional center consumers that was signed into law in October 2013.  The Self-Determination Program provides participants with developmental disabilities more flexibility, control, and responsibility in choosing the services and supports they need guided by their person-centered plan and Individual Program Plan for their preferred future. 


Planning from a person-centered perspective seeks to listen, discover and understand the individual.




Independent Facilitation includes implementing the PCP, locating & Managing services, & advocating.


1:1 Coaching individuals & families to transition into the Self-Determination Program


Partner RCs & SCDD to provide training and support to individuals and families to access Services.

What is Person Centered Planning?

The phrase ‘Person Centered Planning’ was coined in North America in the mid-1980s to distinguish the person centered way of doing planning from so-called ‘service centered’ approaches to planning that are solely framed by whatever services are typically available. People’s lives are seen to be managed by the service system within service- centered planning, whereas within Person Centered Planning the individual is given as much choice and control as possible and this includes who comes to the planning meeting, where and when it is held and, crucially, that the person who the meeting is about, is always present.

Planning from a person-centered perspective seeks to listen, discover and understand the individual. It is a process directed by the person that helps us to learn how they want to live and describes what supports are needed to help them move toward a life they consider meaningful and productive. The planning process empowers the person by building on their individual abilities and skills, building a quality lifestyle that supports the person in finding ways to contribute to their community. Other factors which impact the individual's life, such as health and wellness, are also considered during the planning process. Knowing and exploring opportunities to use a person’s skills and abilities helps to set a direction while providing positive motivation, and increasing the likelihood of achieving the desired outcomes that are most important to the person receiving supports.


“a person is a fluid process,

not a fixed and static entity;

a flowing river of change,

not a block of solid material;

a continually changing constellation of potentialities,

not a fixed quantity of traits.”


― Carl R. Rogers, On Becoming a Person: A Therapist's View of Psychotherapy


“Facilitation Is Inspiration To Others And Motivation To Whom You Are facilitating.”

― Satish Dawn Jay

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What is independent facilitation?

An Independent Facilitator is an individual who facilitates the Person-Centered Planning (PCP) process in collaboration with the person. In California, Individuals who choose to participate in the Self-Determination Program have the right to choose to hire someone who helps them implement their Individual Program Plan (IPP). The person chosen to help implement their IPP is called an Independent Facilitator. An Independent Facilitator may take one or more roles including leading your person-centered planning process, locating services and activities, managing staff and advocating for you. Bottom line, hiring an independent facilitator might be valuable in different circumstances, not just when there is disagreement or conflict.

Self-Determination Program Coaching at PRAGNYA

Through the years or working with clients in the Self-Determination Program, the regional center system, and other community resources, Pragnya can provide you support through the initial Person Centered Plan writing phase to Independent Facilitation for implementing your plan to reach your goals. This facilitation service we provide is tailored to meet YOUR specific needs and hence may look different for everyone. Let us be in the circle of support to attain your preferred future by making sure you have the needed supports and services.

Pragnya provides Person-Centered Plan writing to individuals who want to be in the Self Determination Program. We support individuals to have positive control in their life, where each person is valued, loved, and connected. Apart from provide training and workshops or for an integrated world for all Pragnya also provide coaching in the area of Neuro-diversity training, Person-Centered strategies and Independent facilitation.

SDP Coaching
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