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Let’s talk about you and me at MyPACK as I mingle with ‘my pack!’

Updated: Feb 12

It’s Friday, 2/9! As always, this is something we look forward to, weekly. Once everyone is here, we’re always excited to participate in our ice breaker. We then played an engaging game of ‘A Little Spot 101-Get To Know Me!’ This was way too much fun! We had our snack break and mingled with each other. Moving right along, we made our Valentine’s heart craft, for the 2nd week now, following along with Ms.J! This time, we had lovely carved wooden hearts that we decorated. We did our gratitude practice, sang our songs and bid each other ‘good bye.’

It’s Saturday, 2/10 and it’s also the month of looooooove! It’s a special day because we’re celebrating out ‘Lut Put’ Valentine’s event! It was great having everyone ‘dressed to impress’ and enjoy an evening of togetherness. We sat at our round tables and enjoyed and participated. We sang, we danced and we had a fantabulous time together!

It has finally dried up now! We’re back for our Sunday park and play. We met up at Starlite Park. We may have just met on Friday and Saturday (for our Valentine ‘Lut Put’ event), but we’re always excited to see each other again. We first got together and played a circle time/icebreaker game. This is always fun, as we get to know more about each other. This was followed by a snack break and soccer. Our weekends are now packed with fun and engaging MyPACK activities! This is a great community for all of us!

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