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Fridays are for guessing what’s on your mind, or rather, what’s ‘on’ your head’ at MyPACK!

Woohoo! It’s Friday! It’s time to just breathe and overcome all the 

fatigue from the week gone by! What better way than to converge and just interact with each other!?!?! This is something we look forward to all week long! V Day is behind us and we’re now venturing into watercolor paintings for the upcoming week as well. Our board game was not at all a ‘bored’ game (pun intended). We played ‘Headbanz’ and brushed up on our guessing skills. 

Come Sunday morning, we met at Bowlero in Milpitas. The rain worked to our advantage! ;) Oh man, what a great time we had at bowling! We had no idea that we had a few bowling pros in our gang! Nothing tastes as good as hot pizza right out of the oven and french fries right out of the fryer! Snacks and social breaks are always thoroughly enjoyed! Our weekends are something we now always look forward to. Our social lives are now definitely ‘happening’!

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