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Let’s just ‘hang man’ and go to the movies, we’re at MyPACK!

It’s Friday, 2/2! Time for us to unwind and relax together! We waited for everyone to come in. As we did this, we chatted and caught up on the events of the week. As soon as everyone came, we started with a quick ice breaker. We then played an engaging game of Hangman! What fun we had as we guessed the words on the board. We had our snack break and mingled with each other. Moving right along, we made our Valentine’s heart craft, following along with Ms.J! We did our gratitude practice, sang our songs and bid each other ‘good bye’. 

On a very rainy and wet Sunday, 2/4, we found a way to still have fun together! We went to the movies! Woohoo! We watched ‘Migration’ along with our social partners and friends! After the movie, some of us headed to the food court for lunch, again, together. As we believe at PRAGNYA, ‘together is better’!


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