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Meet our PRAGNYA Family: Grandmaster Michelle Pham

Michelle Pham PRAGNYA Spotlight Cover

Michelle Pham is sprawled across her bedroom floor on this blazing Bay Area evening, her face puckering in concentration as she meticulously sketches out shapes, faces, and characters to a quiet 80’s rock drumbeat. A quick glance at her desk reveals folders of sheet music, original hand-penned lyrics, vibrant brush pens, and elegantly drawn caricatures next to what she jokingly calls her number one essential: her phone! “I NEED my phone. Everything from my school assignments, PRAGNYA involvement, friendly communication, relaxation… all of it, it's all on there!” she declares laughing. 

When asked about movies and songs, Michelle quickly picks Horton Hears a Who as her favorite film for its rustic hilarity after admitting that she secretly loves chick-flicks. As the conversation turns to music, however, Michelle groans dramatically as she debates the merit of her favorite pop songs versus the timelessness of her staple classic 80’s rock bands, finally deciding on a list of artists, bands, and songs: “AC/DC and Queen are forever. Candy Star is the best confidence-boosting song of all time and is my go-to for impromptu jam sessions. And I lovelovelove Taylor Swift and Disney.” Apart from just being a music lover, Michelle sang alto in her school choir, can play several instruments including the flute, and writes her own songs. “Music is my happy place. It’s how I let go, how I pump myself up, how I find happiness,” she says. Her “Guess the Instrument” segment on PRAGNYA’s virtual socials is a constant hit and never fails to crack us up… and stump us!!