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Reality Check on Autism Awareness Day

How would it feel to be judged all your life?

How would it feel when you can't express your strife?

How would it feel to be thought of as “weird”?

How would it feel if friends/peers with passing grades just disappeared?

How would it feel if people treated you like you lacked intelligence?

How would it feel if people thought of your regulation techniques as a nuisance?

How would it feel if people talked about you in front of you like you didn’t exist?

How would it feel if you wanted to stop yourself from lashing out but lacked the impulse control to resist?

How would it feel being told what to do - morning, noon, and night?

How would it feel if you were always told your way is never right?

How would it feel to not have anyone call you a friend?

No one to hang out with over holidays or weekends?

How would you feel if you were never taught the way you learn?

How would you feel if they blamed you for being you, in turn?

How would you feel if you were written off without a fighting chance?

How would you feel if you no one ever thought you were worthy of love and romance?

How would you feel if you were merely a rubberstamp under the guise of inclusion..

When everything and everyone in society has never really understood your exclusion?

How would you feel, then about a day, a week, or a month of celebration?

Of your identity, based on which you have always been subject to isolation?

So, on this day, that supposedly is termed Autism Awareness day …

How can we look at anyone who is living life this way …

In the eye, and honestly bring ourselves to say.

Happy Autism Awareness Day ??

It is not about #Autism, Not about #disability.

It is not about labels or even about #Neurodiversity.

It is about respecting and appreciating people for who they are in the first place.

it is about being there for each other and always ensuring in our hearts we hold a space …

living in the humility that just because we are in the majority, we are in no way superior.

And just because someone is different then they are inferior …

it is about tapping into the purity of our human spirit …

& Giving another human dignity, opportunity, and due credit.

To be part of our community, to naturally belong.

Without experiencing all of those feelings that make them feel they are wrong.

So, if there is something you want to do after reading this today…

Please don’t post a blue sign or an infinity symbol or a puzzle piece in honor of #AutismDay...

But instead, #getPRAGNYA (become awakened) and resolve to being a #Compassionate#NeuroAlly and acculturate …

And reach out, pull in, engage, and relentlessly communicate …

Call, Visit, Go out, study, Dance, and Make music.

Everyone understands Companionship, And love is truly magic

Because together we are always better and Love is always the way.

Not limited to a month, a week, or just one single day!

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