• Sahana Chandramohan - PRAGNYA Ally

An Ally Series: Moments of Gratitude

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Why did the cosmos breathe vivid fires and cold time into being, if not for this fleeting minute, if not for the garland of instances that shape our lives? So, what do these seconds mean to us? 6 Allies reflect on their favorite moments with PRAGNYA in Ally Series: Moments of Gratitude.

“Something that always makes me happy is just seeing the small, hidden smiles on the faces of the kids as they share secret little bits of their lives. It is such a small, simple event to share an ability or a memory or a toy, yet it brings people so much happiness and it just feels really nice to be able to spread happiness.” -Sumay 

“Something that always makes me so happy is watching a shy kid walking into PRAGNYA open up and get excited while singing and dancing with all of us.” -Natasha 

“I was hanging out with Keily for the first time; we were sitting in her car, using her communication device,  and just talking about our favorites... things to do, colors, animals. Suddenly, out of the blue she suddenly has this huge smile on her face and keeps saying “friend