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What is Pragnya? 

 PRAGNYA -Preparing Resources & Alliances Galvanizing NeurodiversitY Acculturation


प्रज्ञा(prag-n-yah), noun.

 The state of knowing true transcendental wisdom and awareness; the adoption of an understanding of compassion, inclusivity & knowledge.  

PRAGNYA was born out of the need for Neurodiversity acculturation & integration in a safe space without judgement, fostering an environment for Neurodiverse individuals to thrive unapologetically with the support they need. Through academic augmentation, social immersion programs and community integration activities, PRAGNYA helps Neurodiverse individuals of all ages to get a fighting chance at equitable opportunities in life. 


Furthermore, PRAGNYA works with Neurotypical children and adults to foster awareness on how to communicate and support their Neurominority/ Neurodiverse peers.  Via the implementation of revolutionary techniques enlisted in the Allyship Support Program such as positive peer pressure, entrainment, mirroring and Wisdom Skills training, PRAGNYA develops and trains neurotypical Allies to acculturate to their neurodiverse peers and suport them into being accepted and appreciated as part of their community.