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PRAGNYA provides effective support to children and Families with children on the autism spectrum through community, advocacy and resources. Your donations will help our efforts in these key areas:


Academic and Social Session for the Children on the autism spectrum

These activities will provide social interaction and support among Autistic children and their Neuro-typical peers. Your donations will help us come together for planned activities, outings and social activities at a variety of venues such as coffee shops, restaurants, movie nights, arts & crafts days and more.

Support programs and information resource for Parents with kids on the Autism spectrum

PRAGNYA seeks to develop programs and support groups with the help of the Allies to provide much needed social support to the families and Parents with kids on the autism spectrum. This would include informational materials to educate them about Autism and also workshops conducted by certified Psychologist and specialists giving them soft skill training there by empowering them to acculturate back in to the mainstream. 

Advocacy & Activism about Autism with in the Mainstream community

PRAGNYA seeks to develop informational materials in several areas to educate the public about the Autistic experience and to provide support and advocacy to people touched with autism, which includes families touched by autism. 

Networking & Web Development

PRAGNYA provides a website to educate, empower and provide support for the Autistic community and also provide adequate resources for the Allies from mainstream (Neuro-typical individuals) to spread awareness about autism. Donations will pay for costs associated with web development, maintenance and security upgrades.

Your support will help PRAGNYA publish a newsletter and to educate and advocate weekly via various social media platforms.



send a check or money order to:

1917 Concourse Drive
San Jose, CA 95131 

If you have any questions about a donation, or if you wish to conduct a fundraiser to raise funds for PRAGNYA, please contact us at

​Your gift to PRAGNYA is tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law.
PRAGNYA  is a registered 501(c)3 organization. Our tax ID number is 82-1909620

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