#ShelterInPlace - Just in Case ?

COVID19 effect : Picture of an empty Bay area restaurant always buzzing with activity

#ShelterInPlace order issued today by #PublicHealthOfficials from seven #Bayarea counties over fear or lack of resources and lack of treatment options for COVID-19 raises a number of questions that we as a community need to answer.

As #Allies of the #specialneeds community and as an organization, at PRAGNYA, we really want to help figure a few things out. Regardless of whether you are touched by special needs or not, here are a few things that we need to think about and and how this order plays out :

1) How do #seniors or those with #specialneeds access #essentialservices like #IHSS (In Home Support Services, #Crisisintervention services, routine #Medicalcare (they may not be sick but would need trained individuals to help with medication dispensing, feeding etc.) ? And no, not all of them are in assisted living or group homes - they usually have support workers come to work with them ?