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When our neurodiverse children turn 18, their legal options and rights change as adults. What are the changes? What are the options available to us, as caregivers and parents to be able to best support our children into leading fulfilling and safe lives? Learn more at a Focus Group being conducted by our partners in the disability rights arena, Disability Voices United.

First, answer these questions, Are you…

  • The parent of a child with a developmental disability aged 12 or older who is not conserved?

  • Interested in sharing your views about your child’s future in a confidential discussion group that will help us develop educational materials?

  • Interested in receiving a $25 Target gift card for 2 hours of your time?

If you answered "yes" to all of the above, you may be eligible to participate in a Supported Decision-Making Focus Group, sponsored by Disability Voices United. Now, Fill out the questionnaire to see if you’re eligible for the focus group HERE!

The focus group on supported decision-making will be held on Saturday, July 25, 2020, from 2-4 p.m.

Parents will receive a $25 Target online gift card for participating.

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