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What is Pragnya? 

What is Pragnya? 


The Sanskrit word प्रज्ञ (Pragñya) means - knowing or familiar with, true or transcendental wisdom, awareness, mentality, understanding, discrimination, knowledge.  

PRAGNYA - which literally means “Awareness” was born to help find answers and solutions to the maze, the puzzle that is Autism and help not only children on the Autism spectrum acclimatize to regular / "normal" society but also to acculturate mainstream society to the phenomenon that is Autism.   Through a concerted and collaborative effort, PRAGNYA helps children on the Autism spectrum get a fighting chance at life, through the development of academic augmentation and social immersion programs.

PRAGNYA also works with neuro-typical children and adults to help create awareness among them on how to work and communicate with individuals on the Autism spectrum.  Using the revolutionary concept of positive peer pressure, PRAGNYA helps children on the spectrum acculturate to the expectations of mainstream society, while developing the “model” ideals in their neuro-typical peers who are helping them through modeling good behavior.

Academic Augmentation​

At PRAGNYA, we believe that children must be allowed a chance to learn different subjects throughout their life, hence, we came up with the idea of the Academic Augmentation program where-in the children come in to work with a Neurotypical peer and learn basic concepts at their level and at their own pace.



At PRAGNYA, we introduced the "Social Immersion" program, wherein we acculturate our Autism families (not just the child) to the neurotypical world, by teaching them through hands on, real world experiences. We employ our "patented" method of "Positive Peer Pressure" in helping the children on the spectrum model after their neurotypical allies, and form meaningful friendships.  

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