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A Parents Perspective: Volume 2

M* is one of our beloved PRAGNYA kids, and I had the opportunity to interview her mother and ask her some questions about how PRAGNYA has impacted her and her family.

M* has been with PRAGNYA for 5 months now, her mother said coming to sessions has greatly impacted them. M* always looks forward to coming to session every week, and is always excited. Now, she walks into places with confidence as is eager to meet everyone, both neurodiverse and neurotypical individuals. M*’s mother also elaborated on how the pressure free environment PRAGNYA creates for kids on the spectrum has helped M* meet new people and express herself.

Her mother also talked about how she is so glad to be a part of the PRAGNYA family where everyone supports one another, where we see the kids growing and learning in front of our own eyes.

When asked about any memorable moments that happened at PRAGNYA with her child she talked about the time when M* was first very reluctant to sing with the band. However M*'s mother was pleasantly surprised when her daughter went up to the band all by herself and said she wanted to sing. M*’s mother distinctly remembers her singing “you are my sunshine” with a huge smile on her face.

This is what PRAGNYA is all about, we want to create a space where neurodiverse individuals can form meaningful relationships, express themselves and discover their passions.

- Preethi Edara

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