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April is Neurodiversity Acculturation month at PRAGNYA - when the world knows April is Autism awareness month, PRAGNYA, the thought leaders in the space of inclusion and integration of Neurodiverse individuals into the mainstream community, go one step further into not only creating awareness, promoting acceptance and fostering appreciation but also bringing about Acculturation to Neurodiversity. 

Since 2018 PRAGNYA Allies have conducted several events to create integration and acculturation to neurodiversity in the local community.  One of the Flagship events is a Talent Show called Step Up for PRAGNYA (the Awakening) for Neurodiversity and even during the COVID Pandemic PRAGNYA allies showed creativity with handling the COVID situation, in staying connected with their neurodiverse peers through social immersion programs OR the Community Integrations activities following all the safety and Physical distancing protocols set by out county officials and even conducting Step Up on a virtual and then safely distanced outdoor events as well.  Now in 2023, we return to an indoor venue and yet another wonderful talent show where everyone steps up and showcases their talent in appreciation of and showing support for Neurodiversity.

 So, if you want to showcase your talent in Singing or Dancing or Magic or Playing a Musical Instrument, or in Singing, Dancing & doing Magic all while playing an instrument! AWESOME!!! Bring it on! Sign up for our StepUp for Pragnya if you believe that everybody needs to belong, you can participate as: 

  • a Solo performer by paying $20

  • a Duet performance by paying $15 per person 

  • a Group (Three and above) by paying $10 per person in the group

All you do is fill in the registration below. 

Since this is a fundraise for PRAGNYA, please invite your friends and families to attend the event and register them as attendees ($15 per person) this includes entry and the food packets. Please note, Proceeds from this event go to PRAGNYA for funding expansion of the program to include more children & activities for them. Pragnya!

Where is this happening?

The past two years, as some of you know, we hosted it outdoors, In our PARKING LOT, but this time we are taking it back indoors into an auditorium right here in Milpitas, at the ... 

FalconX Event Center

691 South Milpitas Blvd.,

Milpitas CA 95035


APRIL 23, 2023 

10:30AM to 3:30PM

Please  Note:

The StepUP event is an effort entirely Ally(student) run, with minimal adult intervention. We want to be the voice giving power to other students' voices. ​

For any further questions/clarifications, email us at

Visit for more info on the organization.

Visit our facebook event page for more info on the competition.


Care, Include, Communicate & Integrate and that's how we Acculturate!

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