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Sanika Pande's performance for PRAGNYA

Autism holds many parents back from taking their kids to #concerts for fear that their #impulsive, #excited, totally #expressive #special darlings might disrupt the concert!!

At #PRAGNYA, the "Social Immersion" is an initiative where we try to acculturate our Autism families (not just the child) to the neurotypical world. As part of this initiative, we have started the PRAGNYA concert series, where we invite local Bay Area Classical Music exponents to come and perform for our families.

Sanika Pande, accompanied by Sachin Rao on Mridangam and Aditya on the Violin

This session is by, 12 year old Sanika Pande who is training in keyboard and with vocal lessons in Carnatic classical music. Sanika was the Junior #undercoverrockstar of 2017. Accompanying her on the Mridangam, is Sachin Rao and Aditya is playing the violin.

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