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Driveway DinkChak Dandiya
PRAGNYA brings you an amazing evening on October 2nd, to kick off the festival of Navratri with Dinkchak Dandiya, Bollywood style! Come join us for a fun-filled, energy-packed event to celebrate togetherness and unadulterated enjoyment with music and dance like you have never experienced before!

The COVID19 Shelter In Place has been hard on many families and more on individuals with special needs. The good news is that after 455 days of sheltering in place, Santa Clara County opened up for activities in the community.

Some restrictions do exist, hence we are still going to play it safe. Our Pragnya Board and a group of Parents and Allies came up with a plan for all the families to safely enjoy the DinkChak Dandiya experience, following the guidance of the Santa Clara County office of public health, we have implemented safety measures specific to COVID-19.

So, how do we stay true to our culture, enjoy the experience of a Dandiya and stay safe ? 

The Solution.... 

A DRIVE-WAY DINKCHAK DANDIYA! Playing Dandiya with the family outdoors in our driveway at StudioM!!! We will setup for the Traditional POOJA + PRASAD & Photo Ops. All while practicing physical distancing and Masking per the safety Protocols!! 

When : 02nd October 2021

What Time : 5:00P to 9:00P 

Where : 1917 Concourse Drv, San Jose, CA 95131

Entry Fee of $10 per person. 
Dandiya Sticks $5 a pair

Food Packets are $5

Your donations are welcome & appreciated! 

Please click here to donate

  • Temperature checks mandated for all attendees 

  • All participants  to wear face covering (Masks) 

  • PPE stations with Hand sanitizers, Mask & Gloves

  • At the registration desk, all participants fill out the Mandatory Health Self-screening form.

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Garba Video Tutorials : 

SO, what is this NAVRATRI all about... 

Navratri is a socio-cultural and religious Indian festival celebrated over 9 nights by people of all backgrounds regardless of caste, creed, religion, age, gender, and neurodiversity, putting aside all differences and worries by dancing to rhythmic beats in circles around a deity in the center.


“Diversity coming together” is the central theme of PRAGNYA, and Dinchak Dandiya brings together individuals across the spectrum of neurodiversity to celebrate love, belonging, support, empathy and compassion within the circle of allyship. 


Break Down of the TWO PART Dances ... 

Dance along in Garba, rhythmically clapping and moving to the beat of the Dhol along with everyone else in a big, wide circle. As the rhythm builds up, play the Dandiya with two sticks (the dandiya sticks), allying up with a partner while dancing along in the circle.  The Dandiya sticks represent togetherness and along with your partners you can make beautiful music. As music takes over, we become mindful of each other and celebrate togetherness, in complete synchrony. 


PRAGNYA, the awakening occurs on a daily basis at our wonderful organization, which we celebrate symbolically at the DINKCHAK DANDIYA each year.


For Event Sponsorship Enquiries please call

408 660 6753 or email

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