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MyPACK ‘24 With Heartfelt Expressions & Social Connections

This Friday, we had our re-imagined MyPACK program start. The program was put together after a lot of research and effort. 

So, come Friday evening, we all gathered to see how this would go! Lo and behold, our expectations were exceeded! We had a schedule down as to what we’d do. Included in our activities were an ice breaker, we then played a board game called ‘Pizza Party’, we had snack time and we then enjoyed our heartistry session with Ms.J. We ended with a song/dance session and gratitude practice. We were all tired but our hearts were happy!

Icebreaker session with the allies
Park 'n Play 1/14/2024

On a very chilly Sunday morning, we all gathered at Starlite Park. We were ready to face the morning! We started by sitting in a circle and playing a very engaging social game where everyone participated. This was followed by a stroll in the park. Of course, we had snacks. We ended with our soccer social. We’re planning to try out a few other sports too, as some of our allies are experts! We’re trying to also add pickle ball, tennis, basketball, etc.

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