• Sahana Chandramohan - PRAGNYA Ally

Meet our PRAGNYA Family: 15 questions with Adarsh Shenoy

Adarsh Shenoy is perched precariously on the edge of his seat, his fingers moving deftly across a blue controller, a look of rapt determination on his face, as he blasts through the final level of his favorite video game. The Irvington High student admits his soft spot for video games, stating with a quick smile, “I think my video games just might be, maybe, my most prized possessions.” Lying casually on his desk aside a large monitor are a glorious pair of headphones in Adarsh’s favorite iridescent blue; aside from gaming and watching the occasional YouTube video, Adarsh has a penchant for music, from classic 90’s rock to week-old pop numbers, something that he has used to brighten up many PRAGNYA meetings. His unique collections span wildly different genres, artists and eras, but thinks quietly before deciding on the catchy 80’s hit, “Sweet Dreams,” as an all-time favorite. Adarsh speaks on how music acts not only as a release for him but as a medium of self-expression, even titling his life as a song: ‘Exploring the Varieties’ - for the importance that learning and exploration hold for him.