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Esha Varakuru's performance at PRAGNYA

Music unites ... music 🎼I ignites in every soul a spark of hope” Bringing this music & to see it unleash its #magic on our kids (#AutismSpectrum or otherwise) is a #PRAGNYA prerogative!

#PRAGNYA aims to neutralize that fear and the #behaviors by bringing the #concerts to them ... In the @PRAGNYA concert series - our Kids sit with their Neurotypical #Allies, neurotypical attendees, whilst #parents can sit back and everyone can enjoy a lovely Hindustani / Carnatic classical concert performed by well known Bay Area classical music exponents.

Esha Varakuru accompanied by Umesh Gopi on the Mrudangam

This month’s concert featured our #UndercoverRockstar finalist and also a proud Pragnya Ally and a freshman in Highschool, Esha Varakur accompanied by a sixth grader on the Mrudangam, Umesh Gopi!

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