“Facilitation Is Inspiration To Others And Motivation To Whom You Are facilitating.”

― Satish Dawn Jay

What is independent facilitation?

An Independent Facilitator is an individual who facilitates the Person-Centered Planning (PCP) process in collaboration with the person. In California, Individuals who choose to participate in the Self-Determination Program have the right to choose to hire someone who helps them implement their Individual Program Plan (IPP). The person chosen to help implement their IPP is called an Independent Facilitator. An Independent Facilitator may take one or more roles including leading your person-centered planning process, locating services and activities, managing staff and advocating for you. Bottom line, hiring an independent facilitator might be valuable in different circumstances, not just when there is disagreement or conflict.

What Services does PRAGNYA Provide?

Through the years or working with clients in the Self-Determination Program, the regional center system, and other community resources, Pragnya can provide ongoing support through Independent Facilitation to help you reach your goals by supporting the implementation of your plan throughout the way. This facilitation service we provide is tailored to meet YOUR specific needs and hence may look different for everyone. Let us be in the circle of support to attain your preferred future by making sure you have the needed supports and services.

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